Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Snow

All day the snow kept falling.
Piling up on the ground.
All night the wind kept blowing.
My mind is feeling low.

All winter it is cold.
All color drained from earth.
The ice is slowly creeping.
I want to sleep now.

Tomorrow will be colder.
The arctic air returns.
January is living hell.
Each snowflake is unique.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


There I was, sweeping snow off the trucks.
There I was, cursing the Great White North.
I shoveled ten inches of road snow out of the
base of the driveway with a snow shovel.
In my spare time I brought in wood for the fire.
I cleared a path for the cat on the
back porch and cleared the bird feeder area.
The snow blew back and all that work is erased.
I started the tractor and plowed out
the driveways and a path back to the barn.
I smell like unburned hydrocarbons now
from the classic flathead four tractor engine.
It's cold today but it will be
colder tomorrow.
My back is sore.
My head is aching from the glare
of this white snow shit.
Three more months
of hell on earth.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In winter it's cold.
In winter it snows.
It's snowing today.
I hate snow.
I hate cold.
I hate winter.

In the tropics it's hot.
In the tropics it rains.
Palm trees grow in the tropics.
I like palm trees.
I like gentle rain.
I like heat.

Why do I live in winter land?
I am poor and can't afford much.
I have no job and can't afford to move
To Maui, in the tropics.
I am sick of winter.
I am sick of snow.
I want to go to the beach
And lie in the sun.

Fuck winter.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Day of the Year

Once again I come here to state the obvious. A lot of people go out to celebrate the new year. I see no point in this. It's just a day like any other day. It is cold and it is going to snow here tomorrow. We start the new year with snow, my great weather forecast for Michigan.

I bought two books today. One is on managing web content. One is on doing research. They are both interesting books. I read the first chapters of both of these books and they held my interest and gave me some ideas. This blog is really not the place for me to be posting news stories for the general web. I don't even know if I like the idea of writing news stories. I may end up deleting these posts again.

So tonight I am going to drink some ginger ale and toast the new year with my family. Tomorrow I am going to cook up some ribs and hide from the snow. Then I might plow the driveway and clear off the cars. My boring day involved a trip to the local landfill, the grocery store, and the bookstore. I said I wasn't going to talk about myself any more, but right now it's the only thing I know how to write. I may end up deleting this blog tomorrow, or I may not. I want to start a media empire that has decent news and reporting. It is going to take some effort and some help. One man does not a newspaper make.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Start Again

It's time to clear out this blog and start over. I checked out some books on blogging from the library today, and in reading one of them I see I am doing this all wrong. A blog isn't supposed to be about me, it's supposed to be about things that might be useful to other people. So gone are all the old posts full of my angst and faulty depictions of my day. My life isn't worth reading about.

My current plan for this journal is to try and do some news type stories. I have an opinion on things, so that might end up in my stories as well. I am going to see if I can learn how to write some news articles. What better place to post these than here on the web where anyone can look them up. There are newspapers called journals, so I like the name I have on this blog now for a newspaper. Also, this will give me something to do aside from thinking about my own life, which really isn't so interesting.

As this is the first post here and really doesn't conform to my new theme, I will keep this short. When I get a better idea about what this journal will consist of I will go to the trouble of creating a new "About" page. A new year is coming down on us all here, and it's time to make something out of my time and efforts writing. This means doing a good job with pen and paper and word processor. I can live with this text editor on Blogger and my lack of readers. I can't live with creating another long and boring chronicle of my life. A writer has to write about something interesting, and so now I go in search of a story.

That's my cat Sneaky, sneaking out of the page here, testing the photo-posting properties of this blogging platform. In future I will look for relevant pictures, or perhaps take some of my own like the one above to illustrate my articles and give them visual appeal. I don't see myself traveling to any news sites for the purposes of a free blog, but who knows, perhaps there are some public domain or creative commons images I can use to illustrate the articles I intend to write.