Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Not much into blogging today. I made a lot of strawberry jam this afternoon. Now I have to get rid of some of it somehow. I might take some to the dentist tomorrow. It was fun to make the jam, but sort of hard work. It's better for you than the chemical garbage they put in the jelly of a paczki, which made me ill this evening. I used strawberries, sugar, and pectin. Apple jelly you don't even need pectin. Anyway, I am tired, sick, and sore tonight. I just want to be able to live my own life like a human being.

Monday, February 16, 2015


I found out how to make posts easily here with Word. The fonts and formatting seem to carry over to the editor here with copy and paste. It seems to be working well for me to write this way, though I am in the editor here now. If only my profile picture would update.


This is a post from Android. This is very slow. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I am trying to think up some new ideas for a new blog. I want something I can monetize somehow. Blogger seems to be stable. It has to be something I spend some time doing every day. It has to be something that is popular. It has to be something where I can get material without having to think it all up on my own. All this leads one place --->

Some kind of food blog.

Now, I have to think up a name. A recipe, well, oddly enough, recipes are not worthy of copyright. A recipe is considered something like a scientific fact. So in theory, I could get a recipe out of a book and post it on a blog. Also if I made the recipe, or something like it, I could take a photo of the food. This would be my graphics here. I could also collaborate.

Google Drive was working well for me this afternoon. Google has its shit together. I am fed up with WordPress. They are only in it for the money. There is a lot of garbage on WordPress like spam sites. Well, daddy, it is time to do something for myself. Google even wants you to make money. Hell, WordPress will not even let you change the font of a post without buying an expensive upgrade. I have no problem sharing the profits. I have a big problem forking over money to buy things that should be basic to a service.

Well, I will now make the decision and come up with a name for a blog. I like food. I like drink. I enjoy cooking. If you looked at me you would know I like to eat. The time is now. This is my journal. These are my thoughts. Photos to follow.

Long Time

Wow, I can change fonts in Blogger. WordPress has been giving me fits lately. I wasted hours yesterday trying to figure out how to upload a post with graphics in it without using the stupid editor they have. Anyway, aside from the endless errors this service gives me when I load pages, Blogger seems to have better features.

Now, I don't know how images will load here. I am going to try and snag something from Picassa.

Wow, the shrooms loaded immediately, and at the right place. Now I am going to try and load some flowers.

That worked well and quickly. I don't know what the storage limit is here, but the quality of the code seems a lot better than Automattic. Perhaps I will come back to Blogger for my blog needs. I am so tired of dealing with a service that wants to charge me for things like a font button. This is in a nice Helvetica, which is actually a proprietary font. So, hell, I can live with this. Hello again all my Blogger readers.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Snow

All day the snow kept falling.
Piling up on the ground.
All night the wind kept blowing.
My mind is feeling low.

All winter it is cold.
All color drained from earth.
The ice is slowly creeping.
I want to sleep now.

Tomorrow will be colder.
The arctic air returns.
January is living hell.
Each snowflake is unique.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


There I was, sweeping snow off the trucks.
There I was, cursing the Great White North.
I shoveled ten inches of road snow out of the
base of the driveway with a snow shovel.
In my spare time I brought in wood for the fire.
I cleared a path for the cat on the
back porch and cleared the bird feeder area.
The snow blew back and all that work is erased.
I started the tractor and plowed out
the driveways and a path back to the barn.
I smell like unburned hydrocarbons now
from the classic flathead four tractor engine.
It's cold today but it will be
colder tomorrow.
My back is sore.
My head is aching from the glare
of this white snow shit.
Three more months
of hell on earth.